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The story follows Rebecca Clarkson, suffering from demonic attacks after playing with an Ouija board one night. Fearful people will think she's crazy, or lying, she documents her experiences in a video blog on her webcam over the course of a week. In a series of escalating events, shadowing figures appearing and disappearing, the creepy factor grows. Soon the supernatural activity becomes violent, and Rebecca is repeatedly attacked by the demonic forces until finally, evil takes possession of her body. Will Rebecca be able to beat the Devil and protect her soul, or will she die, and lose her soul to hell fire?

Katherine Munroe plays the role of Rebecca


Johnny Ortiz plays the role of Dante


Supporting Cast


Noel G.


Fernanda Romero


Delilah Cotto


Monica Engesser


Eileen Dietz


James Russo

The Filmmakers


Juan J. Frausto - Producer & Director

Juan’s film making career began in 1993 with his first feature, “CHANGE”. It premiered at the Chicago Latino Film Festival, where, Juan was recognized as the first Latino filmmaker to produce a feature film in Chicago. Artisan Entertainment released “DRIVE-BY” in January of 2002. To date, it has grossed over 4.7 million dollars domestically, more than 30 times its original production budget. Maverick Entertainment released “MURDER ON THE BORDER” (aka LA MIGRA”). The gripping drama was released in 2005 and received great acclaim at the Chicago Latino Film Festival. At the 2007 Chicago Latino Film Festival, Juan has two feature films entered. The Hip-Hop Comedy “GET PONY BOY”, has been an audience favorite and also “WELCOME BACK TO THE BARRIO”, a thrilling, urban drama that has received favorable reviews by festival critics as well as the Chicago Sun-Times. In 2009 Mr. Frausto directed Laguna’s comedy feature entitled “GETTING HIGH IN THE BARRIO” that premiered in late summer of 2010. In 2011, Mr. Frausto directed his first horror thriller entitled “ROAD KILL”, his first film to be shot both in Spanish and English versions and his latest horror thriller “KIDNAPPED SOULS”, a supernatural thriller are both were released in early Spring of 2014, Mr. Frausto’s films have been shown on HBO, HBO Latino, The Movie Channel, Starz, Showtime, VOD and Pay-Per-View.


Alex Palacios - Producer

Born and raised in San Salvador, EL Salvador in 1976 came to the US as an immigrant in 1994. with lot’s of dreams and expectations. Mr. Palacios went  to school for Graphic Design at LAMC and met director Juan Frausto at the same building they were living in North Hollywood. When Mr. Frausto was looking for crew members for his new film “KIDNAPPED SOULS”. Mr. Palacios have always been fascinated with the ways movies are made and volunteered to work on the Makeup FX department with no experience, but nevertheless discovered he had a gift for make up FX that impressed the director. The both became fast friends and Mr. Frausto hired him to work as an assistant on “Ditch Party” and learn the in-depths roles of producing a feature film where Mr. Frausto served as Line Producer. In 2016, Mr. Frausto decided to give an opportunity to Mr. Palacios to collaborate on a new horror film entitled “THE POSSESSION DIARIES” as Producer and Mr. Palacios wholeheartedly agreed to do it and was the best experience of his life and is looking forward on the next exciting film venture with director Juan J. Frausto.


Carl Washington - Actor & Writer

Carl Washington has been in the Entertainment business for over 20 years. As an actor, some of his films include "Clash" (released by Warner Bros.), "Unemployed" (released by Lions Gate Films) and "Sweet Potato Pie" (also re‐leased by Lions Gate Films). Carl is also a known as a producer writer as well, having written films like "Hot Parts" released by Roger Corman’s company New Horizon), “Chat Room' (released by Artisan Entertainment/Lions Gate Films) and the indie urban horror hit "Killjoy" (released by Fullmoon Pictures.) One of Carl's future goals is to finance and executive produce his own scripts in the near future as well as make his feature film directorial debut.


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